...or maybe hate the owner? LOL.

 Can you spot the 16 circles in this picture?

Damn this is funny..! LOL!

Damn fail! LOL!

You have to look twice, then you know what's wrong with this picture.

Just for long toenails lovers only.

Nice funny construction fails.

Nice ads and creative.

Phone art by Yahav Draizin.

Damn fail.

Oh my wife...!!

Nice perspective.

Damn, fails. LOL

Wow, nice cosplay.


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Hell yeah.

Happy 4th of July!


Sara Geurts, 26-year-old model is from Minneapolis, Minn. has been suffering Dermatosparaxis Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) - a genetic condition that causes excessively saggy skin - for her entire life. She wants to show the world that having beautiful skin isn’t everything. In 2015, She submits her photos and story to “Love Your Lines,” a Tumblr page that encourages women “to embrace their stretch marks, scars and other imperfections”. Her photos received 25,000 likes after it was shared.

I hate my neighbor.

Wow, nice bullet train bra. LOL